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Interior Design

We provide design services from initial concept and planning to all phases of construction coordination. We have an extensive library and access to hundreds of vendors with contract material finishes, lighting, fabrics and furniture. Our relationship with product vendors and manufacturers keeps us up-to-date with new materials and installation methods to offer our clients innovative designs. Our portfolio includes corporate, civic, dental, ortho, medical, hospitality, restaurant & bar, and retail projects.

Creating Inspired Interior Design Solutions For Wineries

Janelle Interiors create premium and modern environments that pair fresh concepts with boutique finishes. Customized for reclining in luxury or winding down after an adventurous day with a nice glass of wine.

No detail is too small when shaping the memories that will be shared with friends and recalled when planning a return trip.

Topa Mountain Winery in Ojai CA Janelle Interiors
Juice Swell Juice Bar Ventura CA Janelle Interiors

Decades of experience to create areas that people want to be in

A restaurant, like a person, has a personality. Whether it’s regal and reserved or hip and edgy, your design aesthetic makes a statement about what customers can expect to experience in your space.

Janelle Interiors design team are experts at designing spaces for coffee bars, cafes, lounges, bars and restaurants to reflect your unique brand, bringing it to life through color, finishes, lighting, furnishings, and signage.

Creating Inspired Interior Design Solutions For Country Clubs

Interior design is about creating spaces that make a statement about your club’s history, while responding to the changing lifestyles of today’s members. We listen to each client to understand their unique culture and provide smart solutions that will serve their members well for years to come.

With each new room comes a new design challenge—and our skilled team will guide you through each step.

Los Posas Country Club Camarillo, CA Janelle Interiors
Camp Oak in Ojai.jpg

We take you on a journey and craft experiences that resonate on every level

From highly-creative hospitality interiors to luxurious multifamily projects, personal residences and distinctive corporate offices, each project fulfills the needs and desires of our clients and reflects a unique sense of place.


For us, design is a way of life, we seek and find inspiration in everything from travel, nature, art and literature to technology.

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